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Video is the solution.

You have a mission and we want to be a part of it.
We understand the challenges faced by nonprofit organizations:
  • Finding the money to accomplish your mission
  • Getting the word out about you and what you do
  • Managing donor and funder expectations
  • Reaching Niche audiences
  • Building public trust.

Building Donor Trust

Company Introduction video puts faces and voices the individuals at the heart of your charity organization. Human beings are quicker to trust another human than a paragraph of text or a still image. Without even being aware of it, unconsciously we pick up on the body language of the speaker and listen for cues in their vocal patterns to ascertain their authenticity and trustworthiness.


We’ve all been moved by a narrative in a TV show or movie, we laugh we cry, we hope and we are heartbroken when plots affect our favorite fictional characters. Great storytelling holds this power and it is a power that can be used for good (causes)! Connecting your donor audience with the intense emotional repercussions of their decision can be an incredibly persuasive tool that builds an ongoing personalized attachment to your mission.


One of the mail deciding factors for donors is the research that is available to support the worthiness of your cause. They want to see how their contribution will be used. To see the past and current impact that your organization has and is making. Most potential donors will search YouTube first to find out more about your cause. Finding professional videos that tell this part of your story can be the tipping point for many who want to give.

Keep Donors Engaged

This is essential to develop donor retention. Past donors are much more likely to keep giving if they feel included, part of your team and the community you have created. Monthly video updates can help by increasing familiarity with the people behind your cause, reminding donors where their money is going, updating donors on upcoming initiatives and events, and perhaps most importantly - Thank them for their continued support.

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57% of donors made a donation after watching an online video.


We love to tell stories. We love to tell humorous and heartfelt stories that help bring your nonprofit cause, your passion to light. Our team boasts over two decades of experience in every aspect of corporate filmmaking, as well as a work ethic that is fitting of our name.

We do whatever it takes to get the job done right, on time and on budget, and most importantly we will deliver to the very highest quality. Every time.

Because we love to do it.


Power2Change helped organize and host a series of camps in the summer of 2017 that focus on at-risk and underprivileged middle-school students in challenged communities. They wanted to capture the spirit of these programs and go beyond merely cataloging the actual events taking place. The question we asked ourselves was how can we make these spots un-ignorable and unforgettable? Our solution was to focus on the human stories, and create pieces that felt like a warm welcome into this community.


Want even MORE awesome?

Front Runner Films was pivotal in helping our newly formed foundation craft our identity by telling the story of the programs we are supporting. They became members of the team, drawing out the best in the staff and organizations we support as well as the youth we serve. They provided creativity, compassion and compelling content to help us communicate who we are and what we do.




64% of donors use online video sharing sites to research nonprofits. Most of these donors are using YouTube, which is the #1 single site where donors watch online video about non-profits.

Ready to start building new donor relationships, reengaging your community and really sharing the story behind your mission?
We'd LOVE to help!


“Converting donors is less about persuasion and more about relationship building—much like dating. You wouldn’t whip out an engagement ring or ask someone to move in on the first date would you? You’re at the get-to-know-you stage, where you’re both learning about who the other is and whether you want to take further steps.”

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