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Many video production companies claim to be full service, yet include zero marketing strategy when devising video concepts for their clients. We are not that company.


Our process always starts with YOU.

Can you describe your brand in 3 words? Do you know the intricacies of your audience? Have you identified your single, core message, your CTA or your distribution strategy? 

At Front Runner Films we go a step further than most of our competitors even before our Director calls "Action!". Our team boasts decades of experience not only producing television and film, but also marketing some of the biggest blockbusters using online content. It's why we win numerous awards for our videos each year. Sure, they look like they belong on the big screen, but more importantly they get results.

Don't settle for a general marketing agency who don't know video, or a production company that don't know marketing. Choose a company with a team who are experts in both Video Production AND Video Marketing.

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