Why You Need (Professional) Video
  • Corinne Schmidt

Why You Need (Professional) Video

Whether you’re a COO or CMO, you know the integral role that visuals play in a successful marketing strategy. Depending on your company's size, you might have an in-house marketing team or use an outside agency to help run your ads, social media, and website. But where does that leave your company's videos?

Many marketing agencies don’t have the expertise to produce professional grade corporate videos or have very limited experience with the type of long form video that performs best as marketing material. As marketing directors already know, the power of video is on an upward trend: the future is video.

With the proliferation of consumer grade video equipment, it’s easy to assume that it’s possible to film explainer or instructional videos on your own. Even an iPhone has a decent camera--why not just use that? After all, video is video, right? Not exactly.

A low quality final cut isn’t going to help your brand retain business or gain traction with top executives. And it doesn’t appeal to a customer base familiar with digital media; your customers will easily drift to a competitor if your company has a less-than-professional online presence. With video proliferating, it’s harder and harder for a business to stand out with a subpar product. Another significant factor: people no longer watch entire videos, and if after a few seconds their attention fades, you’ll lose them for good. So you need content that’s both eye-catching and relevant to your audience.

This is why it’s crucial to use a professional production company like Front Runner Films when you’re ready to create or upgrade videos for your brand. Depending on the needs of the particular client, Front Runner shoots use two different cameras: the Red, our day-in-day-out workhorse, and the Black Magic, which captures on-the-move filming. Our lighting kits are all scalable, from a lightweight professional ARRI lighting kit for in-studio interviews to a five ton grip truck, and we wire for sound using pro audio operated by a professional sound mixer.

An amateur wanting to match the level of equipment we bring to set would be out tens of thousands of dollars--and that’s assuming a base level of knowledge in how to use the equipment in the first place. What you get when you hire Front Runner to shoot your video is industry veterans with years of knowledge between them. That means everything from script writing to shooting to editing is handled by people whose job it is to be the experts in their field--just like you are in yours.

Great content that looks great: it’s the most effective way to hit your marketing goals and perform at the highest level.

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