Why Testimonial Videos Trump Written Reviews: But Don't Take Our "Word" For It ;)

Nothing is as persuasive as an unbiased customer speaking about their positive experience with your brand or product. Case Study Videos (or Video Testimonials) are fast replacing written reviews as they are interpreted as more trustworthy. Companies have been known to write their own reviews and delete the negative ones and so text based opinions are losing value fast. Seeing and hearing a real human being, especially in a similar demographic to you, allows us to use our innate bullsh*t detector and deem the review as real.

"Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for content marketing at 89%." (Social Fresh)

You know that what you do is awesome, so how do you convince your sales target? Using Case Study Videos on your website and across social media provides hard evidence that your product or service is worthy of your customer's time and money. It's often the final reassurance they need before committing to purchase. Welcome to the new word-of-mouth advertising.

"88% of people trust online video reviews by other consumers as much as they trust recommendations from personal contacts." (Bright Local).

Testimonial Videos are also one of the fastest ways of building brand trust - an extremely valuable currency when starting or expanding a business. The internet can feel like the wild west and an unknown brand or untested product can be too much of a gamble for some online shoppers. By showcasing case-studies of happy, satisfied customers you can overcome the hurdle of being the unknown commodity.

Our jefe (CEO and Creative Director) Tyler Nimmons explains more:

What makes a Case Study video successful? The emotional reaction it generates in your viewer. Here are top tips for producing Case Study videos that feel authentic and trustworthy:

  • Throw Out The Script: when a client is nervous or fumbles words (basically behaves like a normal human) we feel empathy and kinship with them, we feel as though we know them and this makes what they say more valuable to us.

  • Focus on Benefit: How and why has your product or service made this person's life a little better? Hearing this information allows us to analyze our own, similar deficits and fantasize about how we might reap the same benefits.

  • Short & Simple: By all means interview your client for hours, but them choose the juiciest nuggets to create a video that is around 60 seconds in duration. It's also important to open with the most compelling and "real" moment.

At Front Runner Films we understand the importance of credible, organic and believable Case Study Videos and we have a proven track record of creating videos that convert. If you would like to utilize our experience and increase your conversion rates, send us an email or visit our website for more about us.

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