• Corinne Schmidt

Why Start-ups Should Invest in Video

As a start up with little to no name recognition, it is important to build brand awareness about your product and video builds that retention. Only 14% of consumers could remember the last print or display ad they saw, but 80% could remember the last video marketing ad.

Explainer videos are extremely effective with selling a product and increasing your conversion rates. These videos look great on social media, are easily shared, and can be posted on Kickstarter pages or other pages where start-ups are looking for money. A recent study showed that a great explainer video can add awareness of your company or product by 75%. Explainer videos are great because they are to the point and grabs your audience quickly. These videos are short, and filled with value about your company. Another recent study showed that 74% of people that watched explainer videos about a product or service, bought it right after.

Stick Out Against Competition

As a start up, a company wants to be able to be seen and stick out against other competition. Start ups need to use marketing to their advantage and promote themselves to get valuable leads. Video marketing attracts a flood of customers because it ignites emotions and tells a story.

Direct and Engage your Customers

People have a short attention span these days and they don’t end up reading blocks and blocks of text. Your marketing has to be direct and engage your customers in a quick time, as well as grab someone's attention. Humans process videos 60,000 times faster than text, and this is because it appeals to the senses. Viewers are able to digest the message faster behind a video than text.


Build a Greater Trust with Consumers

A huge part of why videos are great for startups is that they can tell your story and reach a massive engagement in your audience. Video builds a greater trust with the viewers and creates transparency. It puts a face to your brand and reveals who is behind the product, instead of just having a logo on a page. By giving consumers interesting and useful information through your marketing video engages your audience who will spread and advocate your brand or product.

Create Higher Traffic

Videos can be integrated anywhere on your website and appeals to mobile users. 90% of video consumers are watching from a mobile device. They can be in blog posts, about us, about the product, or pretty much anywhere on your page. This creates higher traffic on those specific pages because the consumers are actually engaging with the content. This aids to video boosting conversions on your website that will ultimately lead to direct sales.

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