The Short-Cut to Brand Credibility: How to Build Buyer Trust with Video

The Short-Cut to Brand Credibility: How to Build Buyer Trust with Video

You’ve paid big bucks for Google adwords or promoted listing on Facebook. You have your unique, key-word loaded, landing pages up online and looking awesome. You’ve provided every option for your potential client to contact you once they land; a contact form, your email address’ and a phone number they can click through to call. Maybe even a Live Chat option. Tracking is set up, so you can test and adjust your strategy as needed. Congratulations! You are ahead of 75% of your competition. Your effort is valiant. Perfect even. Well... almost. After you’ve spent such considerable time, effort and money getting that horse (aka: new customer) to water (aka: you website), don’t you want to give them every opportunity to drink (convert)? What are those other 25% doing that you’re not? They’re building client trust.

TRUST 101:

Why is trust important? It’s the number one deciding factor when a purchasing decision aises. As a consumer we need to feel secure that the product does what it says it will, or the experience is all that we hoped it would be. It’s necessary for us to have faith in what we’re spending our hard earned money on. It’s this reason that customer reviews have become so integral to business because they give shoppers a reason to trust or distrust businesses. Yelp is a great example of this. The app/website offers real, everyday reviews of products and services, including helpful tips. This can be great news for business’ that are consistently given the thumbs up. To the contrary, a bad listing, whether on a crowdsourced site such as Yelp, or via product reviews for online retailers (such as Amazon), can have a detrimental result. Companies have reported expensive rebranding or even closure as a result of successive subpar reviews.

So how can you build trust quickly with customers?  


The human brain is constantly evaluating the information it receives, judging it (in the most simple terms) to be harmful or helpful, good or bad. It’s a basic survival method and it’s based on two factors: our similar past experiences (learned data), and on our innate animal instincts. We don’t recognize the levels of intricate data our body reads per millisecond, and so we often underestimate it. When we are presented with a person or object or place we use all five of our senses to analyze and categorize. We don’t only listen to what people are verbally telling us, we also read their body language and facial expressions.

A person may decide to purchase your product based on learned data (online reviews and research, personal recommendations, or past experience) but if they have not been exposed to any of this information, a lack of trust may creep in and negatively affect the potential sale. This is where online video can be the gamechanger.

Present the cold lead with a real human being, a face to connect to, a voice instead of text, and a personality and understanding of who the humans are behind the business and the values that inform its operation. With this kind of transparent communication with shoppers, you will dramatically increase your conversion rates. Video turns  your website experience into a familiar, friendly, local store. And THAT’S how you establish trust with website visitors you’ve never even met.


At Front Runner Films, we are driven by one aim that  gets us out of bed in the morning:We love to tell compelling stories. We are passionate about authentic, heartfelt, and humorous stories that inspire  real people. We are experts in translating your passion onto the screen, showing your best self and presenting your business, brand, or product in the most flattering light. We hate cheesy and boring, ol’ skool company videos. Our aim is to create a unique, modern, and stylish video that engages your specific audience, and remains true to your existing brand message.

Reach out if you’d like to chat about how we might be able to help you develop video tools that inspire shopping trust. In the meantime, check out this fun video from our CEO and Creative Director Tyler Nimmons. See for yourself how effective ‘meeting’ someone via online video can be.

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