• Corinne Schmidt

The roadRunner

With the one-two punch of the COVID-19 pandemic followed by nationwide protests, companies are trying to figure out the way forward. But rather than returning to business as usual, it’s critical we remind ourselves that the dynamic of business has changed.

In a typical year, we’d spend a lot of time traveling to on-location shoots. The pandemic in particular has created new obstacles to that model, so we took a step back and worked to figure out how we could still capture high quality stories, from right here in Boise.

Enter the roadRUNNER. In the throes of the pandemic, we recognized that the majority of companies were using cell phones and video conferencing to articulate their brand's message. But we’re in video production, so we’ve always focused on capturing high quality content: a cell phone or laptop video won’t cut it. And even with the country starting to reopen, there are new precautions and safety concerns at issue which limit a company’s ability to hire an in-person camera crew.

The roadRUNNER is a mobile, professional-grade remote video production kit. The kit contains our very own Front Runner cameras, the ones we use to shoot. This might sound intimidating: what are you supposed to do with all that techy stuff? Don’t worry--we made it simple. The kit includes production lights, audio recorder, and professional camera, all of which we control from our offices. You don’t even have to press record. After the shoot is over, just pop everything back into the case, put the prepaid label on the box, and send it on back.

This setup is ideal for businesses looking for customer testimonials, interviews, instructional videos, tutorials, and internal training videos. If you use low grade video as a stop-gap measure, you’ll have to redo your work when things settle back down. The roadRUNNER alleviates that issue and sets you up to use your new corporate videos for years to come.

We’re pretty excited about this new option, so shoot us an email at Info@frontrunnerfilmsllc.com or give us a call at 208-336-6594 for more information: we’d love to give you more details about how the roadRUNNER can help tell your company’s story.

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