The # 1 BRANDING Tool Your Company Needs

In this article we’ll take a look at what your brand really is and how it’s more than just your logo. Then we’ll delve into how video can be your most important branding tool. Finally, we’ll also offer you 4 important reasons your business needs a branding video ASAP. Most importantly however - we’ll cut the fluff and make this a 3 minute read. You’re busy running a business after all! Let’s get to it...

So what exactly is a brand?

  1. A Promise: It informs people what they can expect when they interact with you.

  2. An Emotional Aftertaste: It creates an emotional reaction in your audience specific to you.

  3. Quality Assurance: It identifies who you are and what you stand for as well as develops trust in your product, giving your audience an assurance of quality.

Mostly it's the "feeling" that your company produces in people. It's a tricky thing to summarize as it's made up of so many components. Great brands have a look, a sound, a feel and even a smell or taste. It's these combinations that tell the story of what is unique about the product or service. One example is the cola giants Coke and Pepsi. They sell (basically) the same product and yet each has a very different feel, impression and emotional response. A different brand.

So how do you define your brand?

Let’s do a quick exercise. Firstly, think of a brand, any brand, perhaps something on your desk will inspire you. Next, ask yourself the following questions about the brand you chose:

1. What is my immediate reaction to this Brand?

2. What image immediately comes to mind when I think about it?

3. How does it make me feel to be engaging with it?

4. Who (what group of people) would most appreciate this brand?

5. Now ask yourself the same questions about YOUR brand.

So what makes a great brand?

  • They are consistent.

  • They are authentic.

  • They differentiate you.

A great brand is a summary of how your audience emotionally and psychologically relates to you, what they expect from you, and how they see you. Great brands invoke a look, smell, taste, sound and feel, and THIS is why Video is an essential tool in branding. What other medium allows such an all-encompassing form of communication?

And, if you just want the bare-bones facts, Branding Videos do the following like no other component of your branding toolkit:

  • Communicates the emotion behind your brand

  • Increases reliability and trust

  • Conveys more information in less time

  • Differentiates you and helps you stand out from the crowd

We'll leave you with the wise words of the richest man in the world...

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