How to Spend The Rest of Your Q4 budget!
  • Corinne Schmidt

How to Spend the rest of your Q4 budget!

Q3 is over… now what? The end of the year is tricky, with all the focus on holiday marketing and campaigns around them. What some people miss with the start of Q4 is that you might have some leftover cash in your marketing budget that you will want to spend before the end of the year. But what should you spend the extra money on and why?

Depending on your organization, you are most likely given a fixed marketing budget. This money is given at the start of the year. If you don’t spend the entire budget, you may lose out on how much you are allocated the next year. Marketers tend to realize this, panic, and decided to blow through their money as soon as they can... on anything. While spending all of the money may give hope for the same budget next year, there are better ways to invest that will increase value to your overall marketing strategy and business.

Video Ads

Our first ads. Video ads are quick hitters, those annoying pop ups you get when you are trying to watch your favorite YouTube video of cats playing the piano. Video ads are usually a good thing to add to your marketing strategy because so many people are consuming video in a variety of ways. The biggest benefit to video is that it reaches the consumer who is entering your sales funnel, already in your sales funnel, or about to buy in your sales funnel. When people watch videos, it is a selling point. It doesn’t have to be an entire movie but a short video ad gives your company that edge. You can spend as much or as little money you want on a video ad and is a great way to spend last minute money.

That sounds great… but what are my other options?

Mobile Tactics

Do you have a smaller budget to work with and are looking to grow your marketing engagement? Building your mobile tactics is another strategy to consider. Mobile tactics are your engagement, impressions and interactions through mobile integration. These help increase brand awareness, and conversions. By introducing mobile video to your business, people can watch on their phones when traveling to work, or at their kids soccer games. This simple responsiveness means creating campaigns that can be for the mobile user, which results in a bigger conversion rate.

Targeting Campaigns

Another option, targeting campaigns! A targeting campaign requires you to go into your current campaigns and figure out who is buying your product or most likely to purchase your product. This is your target audience. A marketing campaign like this only sends specific and high quality material to a narrowed down audience. What is being sent is different than what is being marketed to everyone else. Videos are a good during a target marketing campaign because they allow consumers who are most likely to buy to be reassured that you will be the right fit.

Landing Page Video

Finally, you can make a landing page video! A landing page is where someone who clicks on a link to your site will be sent. Typically, these pages are specific to the type of ad the link was placed in. The best videos explain what your business does, in a short snippet. A landing page video increases conversion rates by 80%, according to "The Next Web". They also keep people engaged on your page longer, giving your marketing message more time to soak in.

Invest in Front Runner Films

Your Q4 budget can be reached and maximized by working with us. We can work with your budget and timeframe, producing a high quality video that fits your needs. At Front Runner Films, we specialize in video that tells your brands story, through heat and humor. If you are in need pick up a phone and give us a call at 208-336-9594 or send an email to today.

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