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Emotions Drive Decision Making

In a study conducted by neuroscientist Antonio Demasio at USC, it was discovered that without insight into how they felt, people with brain damage couldn’t make decisions despite having factual information about the options available to them. It was later discovered with an FMRI neuro-imagery machine that when buyers evaluate which brand to choose when shopping, they reference their personal feelings and experiences rather than data about an item’s features or attributes. The study concluded that people make decisions based on emotions, and then justify their choices rationally.

So then how exactly do brands inspire purchases by making people feel? By telling stories. Heartfelt, humorous, and awe-inspiring stories. That all starts with one question: How do you want your brand to make people feel?

The Longest Pier

A successful example of this approach is “the Longest Pier”, a corporate video that was produced for Montage International, a hospitality management company consisting of luxury hotels, resorts, residences, golf courses and golf clubs. What you might expect in a video highlighting the very beautiful and exotic Cliff House in Kapalua Bay, is a montage of shots featuring the impressive and vast facilities, the crystal clear waters and white sands, and a beautiful lean, tanned, modelesque couple sauntering through it all. But this video is now what you expect and this is why it works. Take a look at the video below to see how Montage International took a more unconventional route:

Humor and Heart

Humor and heart is the always the starting point for all of our concepts at Front Runner Films, and this video packs a lot of both. Instead of a faceless, voiceless (and soulless) tour of the facilities, we see the hotel through the eyes of a family. The narrator (the father) shares with us warm, intimate stories that reinforce the idea that you don’t pay for mere accommodation at a hotel or resort, you pay for the memory, the experience - something so much more precious. We watch the family creating those precious moments and during this montage the excellent facilities are on show, but taking a less “salesy” supporting role. Overall the piece feels friendly, warm and familiar. It induces feelings of love, nostalgia, fun, and reminds us of the importance of spending quality time with loved ones. And it’s these feelings that encourage the viewer make a purchasing decision.

As we noted at the beginning of this article, it is the emotional connection to a video that converts the sale, not the cold, hard, facts alone.

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