Has The Boise PD Created The BEST Police Lip Sync Challenge Video?

Has The Boise PD Created The BEST Police Lip Sync Challenge Video?

Boise PD Lip Sync Challenge 2018

Front Runner Films got a call last week from the Boise Police Department. No, they hadn't (finally) tracked down our Head of Production Gavin. Instead they invited us to help them produce their entry into what has been the social media hit of the summer: the Police and Fire Departments Lip Synch Challenge. To say we were on board was an understatement. Not only was it an opportunity to give back and feel an even greater integration and connection with our Boise Community - but the Boise PD wanted to approach this project with the very same goals that we approach ALL of our projects. With humor and with heart.

21 years ago to the day that the video launched (September 20th), Boise PD Officer Mark Stall died in the line of duty.

"We want to remember and honor Mark for his life, his example and his sacrifice." (Boise PD)

Mark also loved to have fun, so the challenge was creating a video that honored Mark and gave viewers a chance to reflect on the sacrifices Officers make, but that was also entertaining, humorous and representative of the passion that fills every member of the Boise Police force.

With over 100K views in the first 24 hours alone, this might be one of the final (if not the very last) entry into this fun-filled, online battle, but we hope it will continue to receive the attention it deserves. We're very proud of this piece and of the all of the members of the Boise PD and the Boise community who came together to make this happen with a very short timeline. And of course, we hope you like it to! Enjoy.

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