Facebook Live and Instagram Stories: How to use them to promote your corporate business!

You are probably already aware of how important high quality, on-brand, and original content is to the success of your social media marketing. Your video content is no exception. So where do the DIY self-tape and sometimes live video recordings fit into your social media marketing plan?

Live video is in NO WAY a replacement for corporate video, but it can be a useful tool used in conjunction with it.

This week we’re going to take a look at two of the most popular live video platforms, where they’re best used for, and how they can compliment your professionally produced online video.

Facebook Live

What is it?

The Facebook Live feature allows you to use your smartphone to stream video live to your personal or business page. In essence, it’s the like video-chatting with the Facebook universe, although you can block certain people from seeing it. The live video appears in users news feed whilst you’re broadcasting and then are saved to your page permanently (unless you choose to delete them of course). A per a normal post, users can also comment on or Like a Facebook Live video.

How can you use it?

Think conversation when it comes to FB Live, not conversion. If this were a real world interaction with your would-be-customers, the Live Video is the friendly introductions and getting-to-know you chatter, and your Corporate Videos (company culture, overview, testimonials or product highlights) are the sales pitch. These videos can be used to show the real you, and because of its raw, unedited style it can help build brand trust. The immediate nature of it is also great for building buzz about breaking news or streaming from live events.

Instagram Stories

What is it?

Instagram’s Story feature differs from Facebook’s Live Video primarily as the video is temporary. It will disappear from existence in 24 hours unless saved to your profile. You can add text, stickers and effects, but cannot include a link. (At the time of writing this article, only users with a verified business account on Instagram can add a clickable link to their stories - but the majority of users both personal and business do not currently have access to this feature) The other big difference is that you can use pre-recorded material - this enables a higher level of control (more takes to get it just right), but this also diminishes the trust-building power of the warts-and-all raw FB Live approach. You can take video with your smartphone (live or prerecorded), or use a slideshow of still images and text to create a Story.

How can you use it?

Instagram stories are very popular and viewership is continually growing, especially in younger demos. The videos appear directly in your feed and get top billing on your home page. As they can be more polished than true live video they do tend to be a little more ‘salesy’ and as such you can focus a little less on keeping it real and instead really use them to intro a new product or service. When produced to be intriguing or enticing, they can be used very effectively to lead customers to your homepage and a specific, professionally produced video that will communicate your brand as well as all the details. These videos are also great for building your followers, especially when they are humorous, or feel like an intimate, behind-the-scene experience.


Both Facebook Live and Instagram Stories can be a great way to test out the effectiveness of video marketing. They can also be a testing ground for concepts that you plan to invest money into producing professionally, and for finding your on-screen personal or voice. Don’t be afraid of not doing it right, that’s not the point of these types of content, in most instances the more raw and unscripted, the better it will be received. Choose one person, place, event or product to focus on, and have a go. It may feel vulnerable and daring, but ultimately you can always hit delete.

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