• Corinne Schmidt

How to Up Your Marketing in 2020

With 2020 now here, this calls for a fresh new marketing budget. We rounded up the biggest digital marketing trends and how to implement them into your marketing strategy for the brand new year.

Mobile Traffic

With the rise of everything going to mobile, it is important to make sure your business is adapting. What this means is creating responsive landing pages for your website, so when people are looking on mobile devices, your website fits their screen. Mobile makes up over half the web traffic. Over 70% of people surf the web, check emails, or watch videos on their phones or tablets while commuting to work or sitting at their desks (This is why Silent video is important!). As a business you should be making sure you are reaching them on all mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets. This also means having mobile friendly ads that are also reaching the targeted user.

Personalization of Technologies

With the amount of data we now have access to as marketers, your company needs to start using it. You can start to use it by adding personalization to your marketing strategies. The data you collect about your consumers can give you information about their buying personas and tendencies all in real time (the exact time when someone is on your website). Personalizing ads, such as using consumers names, hitting a specific targeted audience while they are in your sales funnel or using re-marketing ads to users who have abandoned the cart, will form a connection from them to your brand. In a recent survey done, it said that 80% of people admitted they'd be more likely to buy your product or use your service that offered a personalized experience. Another example for personalization is creating geo-targeting, that finds the customer who is in your location searching for your product or service. It is important to hit the right customer, at the right time resulting in more conversions.

Interactive Content

When buyers are going online, they want to have unique experiences. This means interacting with a brand. About 91% of people online are seeking more visual and interactive content. Consumers want your content to stand out more which in return keeps visitors on your page longer. Another bonus to having interactive content, is that people are more likely to organically share it, growing awareness about your company. Lastly, it is more engaging and enjoyable for the consumers. An example of interactive content is quizzes and polls for visitors to take on your website or social media. This keeps visitors on your page for longer and gives you more insight into their habits and preferences. Other ways to increase interaction is adding a chatbot to your website that interacts with customers who are on your page.

Video Content

People are bored with text and graphics. Customers respond to visual content, making video huge again in 2020. Video is the most scalable way to show your companies brand in a personal light that will form connections with its viewers. Video creates a lasting impression on your consumers. It is important to create a marketing strategy that has at least one type of video for your company in it. Video makes it easier to digest information.

If you are thinking about adding video, it is important that you use a high quality professional agency. If your video looks rushed or poorly made, it will reflect how your company looks. If you already have video, try to think about adding captions or subtitles so that it can reach more people when surfing the web without using volume. Lastly, integrating live video on your social media accounts can be beneficial for your business as well. Live video reaches a huge audience, keeps viewers watching for longer, producing more interactions and lets them see what your company is doing at that exact moment.

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