A Round-up of 3 of our Fav B2B Videos

A Round-up of 3 of our Fav B2B Videos

Here at Front Runner, we see what we do as being comparable to producing a TV show Or movie - high quality, story-driven content that makes you feel something. We believe that all corporate video (whether it be a testimonial video or case study, a product intro or a company intro piece) should hold up to these standards. Especially B2B Corporate Video. So today we are going to celebrate three of our favorites to inspire and amuse. You’ll find no boring, robotic (clearly terrified) employees in our videos, no filler shots of well-dressed people all pointing at meaningless date on a computer screen. Instead we’ll prove that by thinking big and being creative even the most seemingly mundane topics can come to life.

1. Risual | Risual Corporate Video

This little ditty manages to balance delivering just enough important information whilst remaining so darn funny and entertaining that you watch all the way to the end. Mockumentary in style, it feels like it could have been inspired by the TV show The Office, yet just as you think you’ve seen enough, it takes a 180 degree turn in a completely new direction. This video succeeds as it makes you want to be BFFs with the people who work for this company, and it also leaves you wanting to know more which is essential for getting viewer conversion. That voice over….genius!

2. Dissolve | This is a Brand Video

This piece should be shaming enough for companies to ditch stock-footage and bad corporate video. It’s a hilariously sarcastic look at the cliques we see most in this industry. But here’s the kicker - the company that created it sells stock footage. Using a poem as their script (Kendra Eash, called This Is A Generic Brand Video.), they showcase some stunning stock footage whilst simultaneously making fun of the companies that use it poorly. It was a risky move that they pulled off exceedingly well and hence it makes our list. This video works because it walks a very, very thin line and also because the transparency of the message communicates that these guys are honest and trustworthy.

3. Zendesk | I Like It When He Gives Me The Business

Third and final is a classic that can’t be ignored. This video was part of a small group of exceptionally well-written and produced B2B Videos that we instrumental in the success of their rebrand. What makes these videos so great? They use humor that borders on cheeky (aka: share-worthy) and the exceptionally realistic performances help to create relate-ability and empathy (aka: trust). And perhaps it's also the subtle nod to When Harry Met Sally.

We hope you got a giggle or two from these examples of well-made video for business. If you’re aiming higher than yet another humdrum, mind-numbing B2B video, we are your ideal production company. We don’t use standard templates, we tell real stories with real people, we included one of our recent favorites below, and click here we’ll tell you the tale of one or two (or 3) of our other clients too. We’d love to find the heart of your brand and tell your story using video, heart and a dash of humor. It’s what we do. Let's chat: info@frontrunnerfilmsllc.com.

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