3 Popular Hashtags That Can Help You Create Better Corporate Video

Bite sized nuggets of expression that also help us to connect related conversations, Hashtags have become a part of not only our online verbiage but also our everyday conversations. Today we take a look at three of the most common, and how what they relate to creating Corporate Video for you company that works.

1. #FOMO

FOMO stands for “Fear Of Missing Out”. It expresses the anxiety we sometimes feel when we fear we are missing out on something that others are experiencing. In the world of Video Marketing, you can use this fear to your advantage. We are programmed to panic when supplies of just about anything become scant, this innate reaction is a survival skill that has been hardwired into us since we were cavemen. In video you can achieve this urgency through communicating the limited amounts of a certain product or service, or advertise an offer that expires soon. Limited time offers create a sense of urgency that greatly increases the impulse to purchase. You can also produce a #FOMO reaction in your audience by showcasing people with whom your audience identifies with as similar to themselves and how much happier (healthier, calmer, successful, etc.) they are when they use your product or service.

2. #EpicFail

This tag is pretty self explanatory - it’s used to describe wither your own failure at something, or comment on the failings of others. In relation to marketing, it can be very beneficial to expose your company’s weaknesses and then flip them around and explain why this is in fact an advantage. Your #EpicFail might be that your company has half the employees of your competitors. This could be seen as a disadvantage; less resources, less stability, etc. Instead you might create a video that presents the smaller team as a superior solution for clients who want more personalized attention, or that your reduced overhead translates to savings for them. People are also pleasantly surprised when they are presented with a weakness as it's not the norm. Not only does it capture attention but it also translate as trust, meaning that what comes next in your video is more readily believed.

3. #DoYou

#DoYou is associated with acts of tiny rebellion. This hashtag is used when people have chosen to be an individual, and to challenge the status quo or an expectation. It’s the digital equivalent of a rebel yell! How can this attitude benefit your video marketing campaign? Nothing is more attractive or reassuring as authenticity. When you adopt the #DoYou approach and showcase your individuality you differentiate yourself from your competition in a personal and memorable way. It also encourage fresh, new ideas and the result can be an unusual video that is so unexpected that it gets seen amongst the heavy competition. Last, embracing your individuality creates a higher likelihood that your demographic identifies with you, and this recognition is attractive - people like to work with people/companies that they consider to be like-minded.

Bonus: LOL

Laugh Out Loud is perhaps the most commonly used hashtag. The reason is simple - people like to laugh! Content that is funny is shared much more than dry, boring content. Make your audience laugh and they’ll not only become ambassadors for your brand by sharing your video content, but they will also be more likely to make a purchase.

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