3 Online Ads for Valentine's Day That Aren’t Boring!

With Christmas in the foggy recesses’ of our distant vacation memories, it’s time to throw out that tree and welcome the next holiday on the calendar...V-Day! Nope not the end of a worldwide war (we wish), instead we celebrate when Cupid’s bow is drawn and his arrow’s strewn across the country bringing true love to those chosen ones amongst us.

We like to feel the love every day of the year at Front Runner Films, not only for each other (can you say “Bromance” Tyler and Gavin...sheeesh...get a room), but in honor of Saint Valentine himself we thought we’d take a look at the obvious commercialism of this holiday via three of the least boring examples of online ads. With over 3 billion Valentine’s Day themed videos searched for on YouTube alone each Valentine’s Day, it very well might be something your business considers investing in for next year. After all, it’s almost Easter you know…

1. Tesco | Introducing Basket Dating

Tesco is the largest grocery store chain in the UK, and in this social experiment / documentary short / viral video, they look at how compatibility in your shopping basket might lead to true love. Are they able to help British singles find their soulmate via their choice of laundry detergent? You’ll have to watch to find out:

2. Netflix | 500 Hours

With a kick-ass cover of The Proclaimers 500 Miles (I would watch 500 hours, and I would watch 500 more….), Netflix asks you if your would binge watch 500 hours of online TV (hopefully via their channel) to win the heart of the one you love. A brave move away from the most obvious “Netflix & Chill” approach to a V-Day campaign, this video is the perfect length (ie: short), rom-com funny and the hero character is adorable.

3. Sweethearts Candy | The 55th Valentine

This tear-jerking little piece took the internet by storm with a beautiful tale of a very long love between two Southern gentlemen. This could have been cheesy with a capital C, but instead it’s so darn sincere that you can’t help but grin and maybe share a tear or two.

Video, especially video produced for online, has never been more a more important element in your sales and marketing plan. It’s become the emotional language of the internet and offers an amazing opportunity for you to reach your audience in a way that can have both an immediate and long lasting effect. Want to brainstorm some authentic, charming stories from the heart of your business or brand? What a coincidence, because so do we! Email us to say hi and tell us a little about what you do, and we’ll be in touch.

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