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Hear it right from our clients and see what approach we took in creating their videos!

Recruitment and Company Culture


"Front Runner Films was able to tell our story better than we could after 73 years!"

          - Joe Plehal, Sales Manager


Tates Rents has a rich history spanning 73 years in Boise, ID. They were looking to showcase that history and attract both new clients and employees that would appreciate the family-like culture of their company. We created two 3-minute videos to target their specific audiences. One was a recruitment video, the other was a company culture video. 

The recruitment video focused on the internal culture, values and opportunities available at the company. Tates Rents is a fast-paced environment, where the employees are constantly moving. Whether they are helping a customer or repairing a piece of equipment, one thing is obvious, no one sits. To capture that, we have the interviewees standing, we use high energy music, and we cut the video quickly to match the beats of the music. 

The company culture video was meant to capture the same values and hard work ethic the company prides itself on, while also presenting their deep-rooted history. Tates Rents has been family owned and operated in the Treasure Valley for 73 years. We wanted to keep the energy high while simultaneously creating a sense of nostalgia. The music is reminiscent of 1920s jazz mixed with an upbeat tempo. Archival video and pictures from Tates Rents' past illustrate the fascinating history. 

Promotional Video


"They got it from the creative point to the business aspect."


- Scott Wink, Boise's Best Bites


The Boise Ice Cream Festival was a new initiative started by Scott Wink of Boise's Best Bites. His goal was to bring the community together for a fun beginning-of-summer event. And what better way than through ice cream?

He needed to be able to explain his idea and get both partners and the community interested in participating. He thought, "what better way than through video?" (and he was right)! 

Of course filming was no fun at all. Going around town, filming ice cream shops and getting free samples... he really had to pull our arm on this one. Not.


The vision for the videos was to make them fun, upbeat and reminiscent of the old soda fountain, trolly-riding culture that Boise is so fond of. In addition to the overview video he featured on his website, we made short social media videos featuring many of the partnered organizations that outlined the information for their specific events. 

The videos payed off and Scott found himself with a sold out event for it's first year kickoff!

Promotional Video


"I felt so much more excited about my own job, seeing someone tell our story."


- Garrett Anderson, Creative Director


We approached Ballet Idaho in our first few weeks of moving to Boise. It was just a matter of looking out our window to see a ballet company right across the street, they must have need for video, right?!?


Timing was on our side. They needed a video in just a few short weeks for their annual gala and we were chosen to do it. It was a time crunch, but that is the kind of excitement we love. 

In two weeks, we planned, shot, and edited what later turned out to be an award-winning video. We worked with the creative team at Ballet Idaho so we fully understood the message they wanted to convey at their gala. They wanted to show donors what their money and support meant to the dancers and how it impacted the company outside of the performances. We illustrated the literal blood, sweat, tears and long hours that is put into their art. Finally, we wanted to highlight their new Creative Director, Garrett Andersen. 

The video was a success at their Annual Gala and has continued to be recognized by the community and with national award titles. 

Corporate Video Library

The Fricks Company

"They learned about our business so they could expertly sell us to our clients."


- Bret Wedding, Business Development Executive


We have had a long-standing relationship with Bret Wedding, and created many videos for him over the past five years. When he moved to The Fricks Company, he brought Front Runner Films along with him to help step up their marketing library. 

Over the years, we have become their go-to when they need a video. We've done everything from client testimonials, product videos and overview videos. Their facilities are spread across the country, so we have had the opportunity to travel and see their various locations and become very knowledgable about their industry.  

Building this partnership gives us a great understanding of the intricate facets of their business, so we can build each video to their specific needs without having to start from square one on each project. 

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