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Want to go viral? 

What does your brand look, feel, taste, sound like? Create a video that entertains your ideal audience and differentiates you from your competitors.

Stop people from scrolling past you on social media with something eye-catching. Branded videos are a fun and creative way to stop people in their tracks and pay attention to you. This kind of marketing tool will tug on heartstrings, make people laugh or be in awe of the incredible story your brand tells. Every company should have (at least) one Branding Video in their marketing toolkit. Branding Video can encompass a variety of different creative approaches, but all Branded Content communicates the essence of a brand in a manner that provides value to the viewer.

At Front Runner Films we approach producing Branding Videos by looking for balance; the content should be highly relevant to the product/service and brand, but should not be dominated by it. We call it “Humor and Heart”, and we consider it the keystone to every branded content campaign.  

We love finding new and creative ways to show off your brand. Contact us today for a free consultation to see what ideas we have for you!

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